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Here are some of the areas where Jetstream Law can help:


  • Letters of Intent
  • Purchase Agreements
  • Sales Agreements
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  • FAA Requirements
  • Owner Trust
  • International Registry
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  • Dry Leases
  • Time Share
  • Management
  • Charter
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  • FAA Regulations
  • Insurance
  • SEC
  • Periodic Reviews
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  • Sales and Use Tax
  • Federal Income Tax
  • Personal Use
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Protect Your Investment with Jetstream

Buying or selling an airplane can create a legal nightmare for business owners who don’t anticipate the kinds of problems that can arise. You don’t want to wait until a dispute arises about the condition or history of an aircraft, or when damage to an aircraft occurs that may or may not be covered by insurance. That is why it’s important that you retain legal representation from an experienced aviation attorney.

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